Intermediate Football and Hurling update for Cork County

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Championship games will begin on the weekend of July 24th-26th, with a planned conclusion weekend on October 2nd-4th.
The final weekend within the club window of October 9th-11th will only be used in the event of a clash of fixtures involving dual clubs.
Group stages will take place across six weekends from July 24th to September 6th, with a free weekend included after the fourth weekend of games.
The divisions / colleges semi-finals will take place on Wed, August 19th with finals on the club free weekend of Aug 21st-23rd. Currently, it is not expected that there will be more than four entries in either code.
Play-off stages will begin on the weekend of Sept 11th-13th, with a significant number of county players thus completing their club programme ahead of the resumption of inter-county training on September 14th.
The remaining county players will of course become available over the subsequent weekends as their clubs complete the semi-final and final stages of competitions.
Divisional Junior A, B and C competitions will also start on the earliest dates of July 24th-26th with County Junior A and B quarter-finals (involving divisional winners only) scheduled for October 2nd-4th / Oct 9th-11th. If no Cork Senior players are involved in the semi-final stages, these competitions will proceed to a conclusion in October. If Cork senior players are involved, then semi-finals / finals will take place after that particular county team has completed their championship.
The open Junior B and C competitions will begin in October depending on Junior B and C Clubs’ progress in their divisional competitions.
Taking into account the decision of clubs in 2019 to significantly reform the club championships, it has been decided to maintain the groups of four for 2020 and to implement promotion / relegation as previously approved by County Committee.
Modifications to the format approved previously will be as follows:
·       Two teams (instead of three) will progress from the groups of four to the play-off stages, this removing the need for preliminary quarter-finals. This will result in six teams qualifying for the play-off stages in most competitions, with the two top group winners qualifying for the semi-finals and the remaining group winner and the three second -placed teams qualifying for the quarter-finals. In the Premier Senior championships with one top group winner only will qualify for the semi-finals and the remaining two group winners, the three second-placed teams and the divisions / colleges winner qualifying for the quarter-finals.
·       The relegation final will be a straight play-off between the two lowest ranked teams (in terms of points won and scoring difference) amongst the three bottom placed teams from the groups. There will be no round robin.
·       The divisions and colleges rounds of the Premier Senior competitions will now be played in a knockout format with one team qualifying for the quarter-final stages.
·       Divisional winners only, will qualify for the County Championship stages of the Junior A competitions.
All knock-out games will be finish on the day, where necessary and as decided by the CCC.
Group games will take place in the same sequence circulated previously as Rounds 1, 2 and 3 (included below). The sequencing of codes is to allow the fairest balance between providing an even spread of games and the challenges faced by dual clubs in changing codes.
All games will take place at neutral venues and there will be no double-headers during the group stages and for as long as the limit on public gatherings of 500 people persists.
The County leagues in their current format are now considered null and void. An alternative league format after the club championships will be considered later if clubs wish to enter.
There are no plans to conclude the County U21 football competition at present. Divisions are welcome to complete their own internal competitions at their own discretion.
No decision has been made with regard to the club U21 hurling competitions. These competitions will be considered at a later date,
Finally, we thank all clubs for your continued support and patience, and we look forward to what we believe will be a significant programme of games for the club player and their communities.
Fixtures are listed below. Dates, times and venues will follow in due course.