Guidlines when returning to Mass in Rockchapel Church

We ask for your help, patience and co-operations as we return to Masses with congregations. It is hoped to learn rapidly and adjust the plan, where necessary as we move forward.
Due to social distancing, numbers in the church are much reduced so we ask for your full cooperation with the stewards at all times and where possible, to fill the church from the front. 
People can also participate in Mass from the church yard or watch the live streaming
  • The religious obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be suspended by our bishops. We ask where possible, that people consider attending weekday morning Masses.
  • Sanitising of hands and respect for social distancing are the most important aspects of countering infection. Dispensers with hand sanitisers have been installed in the churches and hands need to be sanitised before entering and leaving the church.
  • To facilitate distancing, every second seat will be closed off in the church. In the long aisle, 2 people per seat OR a family. In the side aisles – 3 people per seat OR a family.
  • Collection will be taken at the door.
  • No altar servers or readers at present.
  • No standing at the back of the church.
  • Toilet will not be in use at present.  

  • Distribution of Holy Communion will resume and priests and ministers will sanitise their hands immediately before, and if necessary, again during the distribution of Holy Communion and will also wear a mask/face visor.
  • On approach for Holy Communion, people are asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines and sanitise your hands on approach at the provided station.

  • People coming for Communion from the side aisles can proceed as normal in a one-way system. In the long aisle, people are asked to come to Holy Communion seat by seat, allowing the people in the seat in from of you to return before you proceed. 

  • Holy Communion will be distributed from the top of the church only at present. 
  • Holy Communion should only be received on the hand at the present time.
  • The church will be cleaned after each gathering.
  • Stewards will assist with ensuring the church is not at over-capacity and that distancing is observed.
  • On leaving the church, people are asked to sanitise their hands and exit one seat at the time and people are asked not to congregate at the exits.